Services we offer


new Construction

Charles Sands Construction comprises a diverse, well-disciplined team with the experience and expertise to anticipate challenges and provide cost-saving solutions well before the first shovel of dirt is turned. We offer our customers superior quality in custom built homes.



Our team of experienced professionals can build room additions, renovate bathrooms and kitchens, change your floorplan with modifications, renovate flood and wind damaged areas, and much more.  Our staff will provide you with advice to help you make remodeling a pleasant journey. 

equipment rental

We offer a large variety of earth moving equipment and other kinds of machinery, also drilling equipment. The equipment normally comes with an operator. We also carry freight from the barge to the whole island.


water supply

We have our own Reverse Osmosis system that produces water. Our watertank takes 1000 gallons and extended hoses, so water can be delivered to most properties on Guana Cay.